Welcome to the Oakland Mural Team’s official website! The Oakland Mural Team was established in 2012, and have completed over 60 community and corporate murals ranging from corporate buildings to public spaces, athletic clubs and schools. Our early influence was Diego Rivera’s chief assistant, Emmy Lou Packer, who worked with and educated John Natsoulas about mural making and the restoration of murals in the Bay Area. The mural team was created within the community as an effort to provide a network and train the general public of volunteering, organizing and designing community projects for the betterment of communities. The mural team won the Grass Roots Initiative Award of Merit from the American Planning Association, judged the best community project in the state of California. This website contains murals and sculptures the Oakland Mural Team, sculptors, muralists, and different communities have created throughout the state of California.

Oakland A’s Stomping Ground Mural

Public & Community Murals

Public & Community Sculptures